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    Cattle and grass are natural partners. Purebred Herefords are our cattle of choice. Our registered operations began in 1968 at Tahlequah, Oklahoma where we operated under the name of “Sun Down Ranch” for eleven years.

    In 1979 we moved to Vici, Oklahoma and have continued our Hereford production under “Allen Moss Herefords”.

    Our cowherd consists of Line One, and Canadian Bloodlines. We have purchased bulls from Montana, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Bloodlines of Line One, Sandhill Rusty V135, HH Advance 1001Y ET, and JA L1 Domino 461P have been, or are still being, used. Some of our cattle have been shown and have been competitive in the show ring as high as the American Royal  in Kansas City, Missouri. We have sold bulls or heifers into six states and two foreign countries. We continue to produce registered bulls and heifers for breeding stock and club calves on request.

    Our grass seed business emerged after the passage of the 1985 Food and Agriculture Act, which created the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). The CRP was designed to convert highly erodible cropland to grassland. A contract between USDA and landowners for a ten-year period gave landowners an annual payment providing they planted perennial grasses for a permanent vegetative cover and met other qualifying conditions of their contract.

    Moss Seed Company grows and harvests part of its marketable seed. Cattle are rotated during the grazing season and pastures are rested for seed production. Our primary production of native grasses is little bluestem, Indiangrass, sideoats grama and sand lovegrass. We also grow and harvest some of the introduced yellow bluestems including; plains, spar, ironmaster and b ‘dahl. Wild flower seeds are also collected with primary attention on black sampson, Illinois bundleflower, wild blue indigo, dotted gayfeather, and roundhead lespedeza.

    We meet USDA specifications on CRP plantings and have sent native mixtures to eight states. Seeds required but not raised are purchased and blended with our production. We are a licensed wholesale and retail dealer. We grow, harvest, clean, blend and market at Moss Seed Company.

    In summary we produce Hereford Cattle and grass seed as our major source of income. If you want either product we will be happy to furnish you prices, bids or information necessary in your decision making process.

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